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Anonymous asked
Is there a ficrec tumblr for fraser/kowalski? I'm new to the fandom, full of enthusiasm, and really into organizing things. I did a bit of searching, but given how tumblr tagging works, I wasn't able to determine whether there was a clear cut fic rec community for the pairing. I'd be interested in starting one, but I wanted to stay anon at the moment just in case my plans fall through. :)

If there is one, then I have no knowledge of it. I’d say do it, it sounds awesome! We can use more than one anyway.

First one Thing, Then the Otter by Alex51324

When the guys find signs of a sea otter living in a Chicago pond, Fraser is strangely reluctant to investigate. Guys, this is why we have fandom—for were-otter fics.

Anonymous asked
Hey! Do you have any recommendations for fics where Victoria comes back and she and RayK interact in some way? It's the one thing about the show that left me feeling a little unsatisfied. So I'm looking for fic to give me closure. Preferably with a happy Fraser/Ray ending, of course :) Thanks, I love the blog <3

I only know one off the top of my head, Finding the Words by Berty. I honestly don’t remember any others, which is strange, come to think of it. You’d figure it would be a widespread trope, seeing how Victoria was so important to Fraser and she’s not dead and never met Kowalski. I hope others can rec fics because I’d like to read more myself!

Find Me a Find by green_grrl

Ray Vecchio sets up a matchmaking agency. Stella wants him to find her ex-husband a love match. Fraser, of course, gets involved. Who doesn’t love Ray Kowalski going on dates with Fraser as a third wheel and the dates slowly turning into the third wheel instead?